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Fulfill your trip to Bali and find the most beautiful spots and hidden gems on the island with your own driver for the day!

Prices and options

10-13 hours

Full day

600K IDR

Perfect for the traveler who wants to see and find hidden gems on the island. Works just as well for multiple locations nearby as for long distance sightseeings such as dayclubs, waterfalls or temples. Just let our driver know where to go, or if you don’t know, just what you’d like too find and our driver will make it happen. We’ve  found some of the best and most hidden spots on Bali!

4-8 hours

Half day

500K IDR

Tired and just want to hit the beach? This is the service for you! Pick a beach or let our driver know what type of beach you’d like to visit and we’ll get you there. There’s multiple hidden and beautiful beaches just 1-2 hours away from the popular cities on Bali. Take a halfday and spend a couple of hours at the beach, this option will get you both back and forth to the beach and allow you to stay for a couple of hours without stressing. Our driver will wait for you and take you back to the hotel if asked for.

0-4 hours


350K IDR

A great option for visitors who are changing what area to stay in. Our driver with help you with your bags and drive you to your next hotel. This service obviously works for many option and the previously mentioned was just an example. We’ll get you to your destination, no matter what the reason. Just want to visit a dayclub with your friends? No problem, we got you covered!

0-2 hours


200K IDR

The airport in Denpasar is usually crowded and full of untrustworthy drivers, looking to take advantage of new visitors. We provide airport services for both to and from the airport to make sure you get a stress-free start / end to your vacation. Contact us over WhatsApp to book your date and time. We’ll send you a picture of the driver and wait for you upon your arrival.

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They wrote: “The advantage of a taxi guide instead of a local taxi is the possibility of a tailored experience. Tell your driver what you want to experience and let the magic happen. Edy will most definitely do the hard work for you and make sure you get the most out of your vacation! We have tested and evaluated Edy Tours among a few other drivers on the island, recommended to us by our users. But we have to say that Edy has been the best, happiest, most loyal and trustworthy driver tested during our trip. Every day was a blast and we couldn’t have wished for a better driver.”

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A wonderful experience and helpfull service. Edy drove us around for a couple of days, showing places we never would have found ourselves. Hidden beaches, tropical restaurants in the jungle and much more was on our agenda before arriving in Bali – and we managed to do it all and much, much more thanks to Edy. Thanks once again! We’ll make sure to reach out during our next trip to Bali!

Jonathan and victoria visit bali

Jonathan & Victoria - Sweden

Edy is a great driver/ tour guide..He made us feel very safe and was an highlight to our trip…he spoke good english and is very honest and trust worthy..he is very patience and went out of his way to provide the best service to us…I would highly recommend his services to everyone and will be only using his services when returning to Bali..Very affordable !!! Thanks Edy Ermawan.. Until next time!!!😀

Nice review tourist

Marjorie Green - Australia

I went to Bali with two friends during the beginning of 2019 and managed to come across Edy’s number from a friend. He picked us up from the airport and drove us to the hotel. We found him very polite and got a good first impression, which made us use his service for the rest of our stay. We can’t describe with words how happy we were to find Edy. Thanks again brother, see you soon again!

Robin tourst in bali

Robin Nyborg - Sweden

Southern Bali

Taxi to Tanah Lot

Visit Tanah Lot a.k.a land of the seas and enjoy the beautiful watertemple seen in every guide about Bali. Make sure to visit the park and temple during low tide for the best experience. It’s just as beautiful during the day as at sundown.

temple low tide
Green rice terrace

Central Bali

Taxi to Tegelalang

Take a taxi to Ubud and walk around in the amazing and unique Tegalalang Rice Terrace. It might be one of many rice terraces on Bali, but for sure one of the most unique. Many tourists gather at Tegalalang for their well located Bali Swing. Enjoy your stay and take a selfie in one of the most photogenic spots on the island.

Central Bali

Taxi to Monkey Forest

In central Bali you’ll find Ubud and its famous Monkey Forest. A pleasant experience for the whole family! Be careful and check your belongings during your visit, you’ll find more than 700 wild monkeys that work in groups to snatch everything from hats to glasses and food.

Monkey forest ape
Giant waterfall rainforest

Northern Bali

Taxi to Sekumpul Waterfall

Sekumpul Waterfall is located quite far away and require a taxi to get there. You’re surrounded by rainforest during your 40 minute walk to the beautiful waterfall and this trip is well worth it. Bring your swimsuit, you’ll regret not taking a bath in this amazing and well hidden waterfall!

Southern Bali

Taxi to Uluwatu Temple

Pura Luhur Uluwatu, also known as Uluwatu Temple is a wonderful temple area with spectacular views. The 70 meter high cliff allows you to catch some amazing images to save from the trip! The temple is extra popular during the evening where friends and family gather in the park to watch the sunset.

Photo over clifs
rafting in water


Taxi to Watersports

Been eager to try river rafting, jungle safari on quads or perhaps rent a jetski? We got you covered and will get you great discount deals on whatever activity or action sport you’d like to try. Talk with your driver for more information!

Fast help with WhatsApp

Feel free to drop a message at any time. We might not be able to reply instantly while we drive, but will most definitely get back to you as soon as possible once we stop. We prefer the first contact to be over text if possible, since talking on the phone while driving is illegal in Indonesia. We’ll call or write back as soon as possible.

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